Some students are still reluctant to try online coaching despite the numerous benefits. This method is identical to In-Person coaching except for working with live accompaniment. However, there is no time wasted on driving, more flexible time slots and you can get all of the learning from the comfort of your own home! The other benefit is that you may live in an area where you can’t find a great voice coach so online coaching is the way to go!

In-Person Private Coaching

If you’re in South Orange County (San Clemente to Costa Mesa) or North Orange County (Orange and Anaheim) you can have professional accompaniment. David studied piano performance at Chapman University and The Orange County School of the Arts, so your voice lessons have inspiring and supportive accompaniment. David is a pianist for musical theatre auditions and plays in the pit for musicals.

Learning how to interact with the accompanist is also easily accomplished in in-person coaching sessions. Setting the groove with your band (tempo and style) as well as what to tell the accompanist to get the exact performance you need to rock that audition and book the part. David is also adept at transposing on sight and can help you find the key needed so that your piece sits in your range as the composer intended it to. (Those high notes don’t shine if you are straining or working to hard to get them!)

Video Review Coaching

Often times students have different habits in performance than they do in the lessons and rehearsal process. Send us a video of your performance OR you simply singing in your living room. Receive an extensive audio file with everything that’s working and what can be adjusted so you can make progress. Take your time making the adjustments and then send us another video.

Included in this process are lessons in techniques that can be improved as well as performance things that can be adjusted.

Tons of feedback can be provided from one pass of your favorite repertoire piece. New song suggestions, technique improvements, performance enhancements and overall career advice can come from one simple video!

If you are self motivated, this is an awesome option. In an in-person lesson we would go back and forth as you learn new techniques, however, it’s possible to have the new ideas explained and you accomplish them on your own!

Traditional In-Person Coaching

This is the best method if you need live accompaniment. Super important audition coming and you need to work out the details of working with he accompanist, then this is the ideal method.