College Audition Coaching

Most students and parents are shocked when they find out what’s involved in the college musical theatre audition process. Let David (and his team) help you choose the right programs to audition for, find the best material for you, prepare that material, make the cuts, make the tracks and the pre-screen videos.

David has been preparing students for their college auditions for 15 years. His students have attended all major Musical Theatre programs in the country. There are several programs that offer these services. They are quite expensive and have become a factory by helping so many students at once. David offers a personal touch and genuinely cares that every student gets into their dream school! Email us for a free consultation!

OCSA Audition Preparation

How To Get Into OCSA

Artist Portfolio Website / Creative Company Web Design

Whether you are an artist who needs an online presence / portfolio, or a theatre company or other creative business, David is here to help. He has built almost any design element you have seen around the web. Fast and affordable. As part of the plan, David can do your sites maintenance over time, or I can show you how to update your site yourself with our easy platform.

• Artist portfolio $495
• Creative Company, Theatre, School Site $2,000
• Name your budget and what you are hoping to achieve. $?,???

Use the form at the bottom of this page to let us know how we can help you build, or re-build your web presence!

Accompaniment Tracks - Piano Tracks - Fully Orchestrated Tracks

Don’t practice A Cappella! Get clean digitally recorded tracks with your cuts, in your key and tempo with high quality piano sounds. Other sites with similar services create very mechanical midi sounding computer tracks. David records passionate and musically expressive tracks that will allow you to soar. For auditions, competitions, videos or cabaret performances.

Let us know what song you need and what the purpose of the track is for!
Fully orchestrated tracks (sounding like the original recording) can also be created for your cabaret performance or demo CD.

Audition Video Submission

So many auditions are video submissions in 2019. (Including the college pre-screens) While you can easily use canned accompaniment, why not have organic live piano? Good lighting, sound quality and coaching at the same time!

The college videos should be done twice. Once as a practice to go back and view the footage and make the changes to the cuts, keys, technique and performance as well as clothing, hair and makeup once we are seeing how it looks on video.
Videos can also be made for specific auditions (Such as Dear Evan Hansen, which seems to be happening a lot lately, or for your sites like actors access!)