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Neti Pot Basics
How to use a neti pot

Do you have sinus issues or allergies? Do you get sick often? Do you feel like you are often singing through a wall of snot? (I mean congestion…)

If so, there is a simple solution. Nasal Irrigation. Flushing salt water through your sinuses. It’s not a drug.. JUST SALT WATER (Saline Solution)

Nasal Irrigation (also called nasal lavage or nasal douche) is a part of the ayurvedic tradition for over 5,000 years! Rinsing your sinuses is the simplest and most healthy thing you can do… ESPECIALLY for a singer. You just can resonate properly filled with congestion.

I started years ago when I say a segment about the Neti Pot on Dr. Oz. It seems outrageous if you haven’t done it, but once you have you will never be the same. Some folks with chronic sinus issues are able to sing three-four half steps higher after the first time using the neti pot or other nasal irrigation methods!

Cleaning out these sinus cavities makes it so much easier to sing and resonate! There are obvious health benefits by clearing out the dust and pollen in our head. Less sneezing. Fewer allergies. But even better, since most colds and flu enter our body through our nose, rinsing out our sinuses means a dramatic reduction in illness.

As a teacher, I used to get the cold or flu a few times a year and I chalked it up to being around sick kids. However, upon using nasal irrigation I didn’t get sick again for years! (When I did it was my own fault (no sleep for a few days to finish a writing project!)) I still never get sick and this changed instantly upon doing nasal irrigation.

The OG method. Neti Pot.

This is what it looks like when using the original neti pot

This method is like a little genie lamp. Warm saline solution is used and the head is tilted to run the water in one nostril and out the other. If your head isn’t in the right position you can slightly choke on the water or it can drip down your throat. (While uncomfortable, this can rinse your post nasal drip!)

After using this for a few years I came across the bottle version of the neti pot. The reason this method is better is that you can put a little pressure on the bottle and clean even deeper! So this is the method I used for several years. It’s about $10-$15 from your local drugstore or Amazon.

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The Naväge

Amazon Link

The Navage
Nasal irrigation at it’s finest. This is the best way to clean your sinuses for better singing.

This device pushes warm salt water (saline) into one nostril while simultaneously sucking it out of the other. It is battery operated and highly effective. The Naväge is a game changer in nasal irrigation.

Teaching Story:

I had one student male student who was a senior in high school who had constant sinus blockage. I knew it was affecting his singing greatly, but he kept forgetting to get the Neti Bottle. So I bought one for him and forced him to do it at the start of a lesson. An incredible amount of snot was expelled and then we went back to the piano. He could then effortlessly sing 4 half steps higher. He was an expert sight-reader (theorist) and he had excellent muscle memory. He knew immediately that this was so much better than 5 minutes before! This young man broke down in tears, then sang a chest-voice-B then cried again!

All I have to say is that everyone needs to own one of these products. Preferably the Naväge.

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