Life Changing App – Your iPhone Can Play Your Vocal Line Or Accompaniment

Sheet Music Scanner can take a picture of your sheet music and then play it for you! You read that correctly!!! Want to isolate the melody line for learning then the accompaniment for practice? Done! Want to slow it down while learning and speed it up when you’re ready? Done! How about changing the key of the playback to figure out which key when purchasing the sheet music? Done! Done! Done!

This headline was no exaggeration! This app is the best $4 you can spend! You can take a picture of sheet music and the app will play it instantly!

You read that right!

Here are some of the best features of this app…

1.) Isolate the vocal line. You can click any staff and it will play that staff alone so you can focus on a complicated vocal line or just play the accompaniment.

2.) Export the audio to mp3!

3.) Transpose the track

4.) Control the tempo.

I have had better results by opening a pdf of a song instead of taking a picture although that works amazingly well. It’s also faster for the music character recognition from the pdf.

This app does read handwritten music font or non-standard fonts. But it’s amazingly accurate and I use it every day.

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